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Interview with Sir Isaac Wesley (re-post)

I was so very excited to receive the permission of Mr. Isaac Wesley to conduct this interview with him.  As Mr. Leather Ottawa 2012, he is constantly involved in charity or promotional events and community outreach.  I am so grateful that he took the time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions so that we can all get to know him a little better.

What inspired you to compete for the Mr. Leather Ottawa title?
My parents were my inspiration to compete for the Mr. Leather Ottawa title.  They taught me the value of family and dedication.  I grew up with parents that worked hard to provide my sisters and I with a roof over our heads, food in our stomachs and clothing on our backs.  Growing up was tough and I didn’t have many luxury items that most of this generation take for granted these days. We supported each other both emotionally and financially.  The most important value they taught me was to stand up for what I believe in, fight for fairness and never let anyone tell you that you can never aspire to your dreams. I am fortunate to have parents that are very supportive of my lifestyle both as a gay man and as a leatherman. When I announced to my parents that I would be running for Mr. Leather Ottawa 2012 they were so happy.  When they asked me “Why are you competing” I looked at them and with a smile on my face said:  “You taught me everything I need to start helping those in my community. Being there for my community is more important than what I can give them.  The community was there when I needed them and now it’s my turn to be there for when they need me”.   With the passing of my mother just after thanksgiving in 2011, I got the support I needed not only from my family but from my leather family during my darkest time. This, in turn, enforced the reason why I needed to run.  Being there for my community and supporting them has been, and will always be, my mission.  My quote I live by: “Family Matters”.

How did it feel to win?
Winning Mr. Leather Ottawa 2012 was amazing.  I feel that I am finally in a position where I can do what I have set out to do - be there for my community both in the Gay scene and Leather scene.

How are you finding the day-to-day responsibilities of your title?
My responsibilities as Mr. Leather Ottawa 2012 on a day-to-day basis are at times extremely busy -  planning, attending events and discussion groups, but I knew it would be prior to entering the competition.  Giving back is not an easy task. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication and frankly I wouldn’t change a second since winning.

When did your love affair with leather begin?
My love affair began about thirteen years ago when I was 19, living in Gatineau (Hull, back then) and I was with my partner at the time.  He first introduced me to leather. When he showed me what he looked like in his leather gear I thought “Oh My God you are freaking HOT”. So I decided to go out and buy a few items for myself such as a leather jock, harness.  I would only wear those at home when we wanted to play.

Out of all the leather items that you own, which is your favourite?
Hmmmmm my favourite leather item… boots are by far my favourite.  Since one of my fetishes is feet, seeing a hot pair of boots on a guy gets me really excited so it would only seem right that I would love BOOTS!

Have you always lived in Ottawa?
I have lived in Ottawa most of my life but eight years ago I moved away to a small town outside of Ottawa where the population was approximately 500 people.  At that time I moved with my partner to the country and left the scene for a while and lived a life as a country man out on the lake.  When we separated I decided to move back to Ottawa in May of 2011 to look after my family and start my journey in giving back to the community.

What concerns you most about the world today?
This is a very broad question, but I think what concerns me the most is that society as a whole has wrapped itself in the technology and not stopping to view the more natural side of the world.  If you were to ask anyone “When was the last time you went for a walk with your partner/lover during a sunset with no means of anyone contacting you?” chances are it will take them a long time to remember. But if you ask them name the last five people they chatted with on their Smart phone they can do it in no time flat.  There are days that I am a victim of technology but I can recall moments where I would simply take time to enjoy the softer side of the world.  I think this comes from when I was living in the country and enjoyed coming home, sitting on the porch with my dogs, no phone, no computer, listening to the sounds of life gently breezing on by.  If (the people in our) society took more time enjoying a brief moment without technology they would notice that their day may be more riveting and peaceful.

What qualities do you think are most important in a companion (both casual and long-term)?
The qualities I think are the most important in a companion in a regards to casual depends on the term.  If it relates to casual encounters or a few dates then it would be big burly beared men with bright blue eyes who can carry a conversation both at home and at an event.  When it comes to the qualities that I find to be the most important in a companion in a long term relationship, they are:  A man who will never keep secrets, tells no lies (except white lies, like planning a surprise party) and believes in monogamy.  A man who knows what it means to be an ambassador for the leather community and the responsibilities that come with it, who will proudly stand by my side, unconditionally support me and be with me at events.  Understanding that supporting the community comes unconditionally and who won’t be disappointed if our plans happen to change, but, most importantly, taking me as his own and forsaking all others. 

What are three things in life on which you will not compromise?
Honesty, Monogamy, Trust.

What is the kinkiest thing about you, Isaac?

The kinkest thing about me……well it would be Dominant gag, glove play with nipple and *CBT.  Nothing gets me more excited than dominating my guy in gag play and going to work on his body.


Thank you so much, Isaac, for your honest and straightforward answers.  It was a pleasure having you as a guest here at Kink Exposed.

*Cock and Ball Torture.

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