Saturday, September 22, 2012

Interview with Karl, Part II (re-post)

The first part of this interview was so fascinating, I asked Karl if he'd mind answering a few more questions.  Also, I'm nosy.

I like the fact that you don't feel the need to define yourself as anything more than a man.  Do you believe in the continuum model of human sexuality, where people fall somewhere along the line from completely straight to completely homosexual, with gradations in between?

I do believe this, as everyone is a percentage of straight and/or gay.  Whether that percentage is 0% gay/100% straight or 0% straight/100% gay, everyone is somewhere between or at the extremeties.

I also really like the fact that you and your partner switch things up from time to time.  In my stories, I usually portray that type of relationship.  I love when power switches back and forth between two people.  Do you talk about what will happen before a scene or does it just 'happen' that one of you takes over?

On occasion we will play spontaneously, where I'll have the gear ready that I want to use on him or vice versa.  Other times, we will discuss what gear we want, duration, and what we want to happen.

You mentioned your 'tail' quite a bit in the previous interview.  I am assuming it's a butt plug of some sort?

Yes, my tail is a plug that I insert nice and lube covered into my bum!

Karl, you rock ;)  

When in public, are you only allowed to hump your handler/owner?

This all depends on what he allows me to do.  As a puppy, his words help control my behavior.  Also, I will not hump any person unless I know I have their consent, or they hump me first.

That sounds reasonable.  So, tell me a bit about your favorite bondage techniques, to use on someone or have used on yourself.

I love full body encasement.  This could include, but is not limited to, sleepsacks, straightjackets, arm binders, hoods or muzzles.  This can also include mummification, rubber catsuits, or full leather bondage suits.

Hmm.  A puppy in a catsuit?  The mind boggles.  

Are you or your partner into being paddled/paddling?  What other things do you like to experience in this context?

Sometimes I like to experience different things during a scene, other times I like to just relax in what I'm bound in.  On occasion, impact play, including paddling/flogging/riding crop, can be involved.  I personally love being flogged, since if it's done in a sensual manner versus as a form of punishment, the feeling is mind blowing.  I also love ball stretching and butt plugs.

Do you have a ritual to get into or out of your 'puppy space' or 'sub space'?

I don't have a ritual, but even with all the gear in the world, if I don't have my tail then I don't feel like a puppy!  My tail is what helps me get from human to puppy space.  Getting into the sub space will happen the moment I'm blindfolded/muzzled, or hooded.  Locks help too!

What was the greatest length of time when you were in continuous puppy space?  Was it enjoyable or challenging, or both?

My longest duration so far would be my real first time which was during Pride.  Three hours - one hour watching the parade, and two hours walking to and around at the after-party at City Hall.  I was in continuous pup space for the entirety of the parade, and half-pup, half-human for the after party!  It was both enjoyable and challenging but it wouldn't be fun otherwise.

Do you often attend fetish events?  Do you and your partner participate or just observe?

I've only been to Pride, and the Toronto Church Street Fetish Fair was the first non-Pride event I went to.  I will be trying to go to more, however I am taking it slow as I'm new to being public as a puppy.  Both my partner and I prefer to observe, I don't think at this time I'm prepared mentally for any sort of competition as I feel it will take away from my being a puppy.  But it's not to say one day that I won't compete for Top Dog of Ottawa.

What is your reward if you are a very good puppy for your handler/owner?  What is the punishment if you're naughty?

This question is a little tough to answer as my training really hasn't started.  However, I can give the most likely answer as to what would happen.  If I behave, then I'd get a dog treat, an actual dog treat!  And misbehaving would lead to me being locked to the bed post, or eventually, when I have the time and money, locked in my cage in a separate room.

Okay, I used to work at Pet Valu.  There are some pretty fancy dog treats available now.  Your handler/owner should be able to find some that you like because Milkbones are pretty bland.  I ate a couple when I was a kid.  Don't ask.  I have one more question:

How do you feel when you are in the middle of a great scene?

Like nothing else in the world matters except me, the bondage, and the person restraining me.

Is there anything else you would like to add or explain?

I've started my own blog, nothing special and not updated often, but it will be of me and my training and my growth as the puppy I am.  I'm at and I'll be updating periodically bits and pieces of my puppy life and adventures!  Also, I'm up for reader comments or questions.  

Thank you so much, Karl (aka, Rolph)!  I am so grateful for this opportunity to interview you and get a glimpse at your interesting life.  I hope to see you at a fetish event sometime soon, so I can give you a good scratch behind the ears and maybe a fancy dog treat for being so open and forthcoming :)

If you have any questions for Karl or comments about the interview, please leave them here or on 

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