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Boots! (re-post)

I have a thing for men in boots.  Black leather boots.  When Isaac mentioned in the interview that he had a boot fetish, I totally identified.  I'm not really sure what it is, but a man in a pair of black leather boots is just a hundred times sexier than a man in anything else.  To demonstrate my own appreciation for boots as a sexual turn-on, here is an excerpt from my free read, The Story of E:


From Chapter Nine:

Justin crawled over me and attached the cuffs around my wrists, clipping them together and then to something on the bed near the headboard.

“Do all Ikea bed frames come with bondage attachments?” I whispered shakily.

He laughed.  “No, Eric.  This frame’s been modified,” he tugged on the cuffs to demonstrate their strength, “extensively.”  His lips were on mine suddenly and the charge was immediate and overwhelming.  I didn’t know what this thing between us was, but I bowed before its intensity.  I kissed him back with a barely concealed desperation.

Too soon, he pulled away and left me panting and wanting.  His hands stroked from my wrists, down my arms and over my chest to my nipples.  He pinched them roughly and grinned when I squirmed.  He kneeled up beside me and rubbed the substantial bulge in his jeans.  “Fuck, Eric.  You are a vision.”  His eyes roamed over me and he licked his lips.  “Hmmm.  What to do first?  My mind spins with possibilities.”

I moaned.

He laughed and got off the bed.  He strode over to the dresser and dragged his fingertips over the items on top, considering. 

I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

Finally, he picked up the lipstick and came toward me, climbing back on the bed and looking appraisingly at me.  “Let’s start with something easy,” he said quietly, taking the cap off the lipstick and rolling up the tip.  Jesus.  This man could make anything look sexual.  It didn’t surprise me that the lipstick was a bright harlot red.

“What are you gonna do with that?”

“Whatever I want to, Eric.  No more questions, now.  Be a good boy and be quiet.”

He sat down beside me and crossed his legs, deliberately brushing my side with his boots as he did so.  My cock twitched visibly.  “Oh, fuck.”

“Eric.  I do believe you have a boot fetish,” he drawled, leaning over and drawing a lipstick circle around my left nipple.

It felt … strange, but good: slick and smooth and soft. 

“If you close your eyes, you’ll get more out of this.”  He said.

I closed my eyes.  He did the same thing around my other nipple.  He regarded his handiwork.  “This color looks great against your skin, Eric.”  He leaned forward again and rubbed the tip of the lipstick over my hard left nipple, over and over, like he was coloring it in.  It felt so good and I made a noise of pleasure.

“Feel good?”


“It looks good.”

He did the same to the other nipple, making me gasp.

“Jesus, I can’t believe how sensitive you are.  It’s so hot.”

I moaned as I felt the lipstick slide down over my ribcage and then circle my navel.  With my wrists bound and my eyes closed, it made a delicious tickly sensation on my skin.

The tip went lower then and he drew a slow line along the tip of my cock to the head where he drew a circle around the small opening.  I groaned and opened my eyes.  I had to see that.  It looked both hot and ridiculous at the same time.

Justin saw me looking, and grinned.  Then, he moved his hands behind him and leaned back.  I thought he was just admiring his drawing, but his legs moved and my eyes went quickly to those fuck-hot boots.

He uncrossed his legs very slowly, and put his booted left foot gently on my belly.  My breathing jacked up like crazy.  I stared at it and let out a shaky moan.  Holy fuck.  Why it did what it did to me I had no idea, but it fucking made me crazy.  I jerked my hands in the cuffs and moaned again, closing my eyes and letting my head fall back.  “Fuck, Justin … fuck!”

He laughed and moved it off me, but not before nudging my cock with the toe.  “Oh … Jesus,” I gasped, while more pre-cum leaked out of me.

“Christ, Eric,” he murmured, “You are a fun little boytoy.”  He pulled on my cock quickly, two times, before saying, “Spread your legs, baby.”

I groaned and did as I was told.  It was so easy to do whatever Justin wanted.  He had already given me more pleasure in our short time together than I’d ever experienced before.

He moved between my legs and positioned them so that my knees were bent and my feet were either side of him.  I was panting hard now and watching him, wondering what he was going to do.

“Are you okay, Eric?”

“Oh my God … yes.”

His smile was wide and portrayed genuine pleasure.  He put his left hand on my knee, holding my leg still and began to write something on my inner thigh.  I was in such a state of arousal at this point that it was delicious torture and I let my head fall back and closed my eyes.

“Do you want to know what I’m writing, Eric?”

“Yes,” I hissed, my cock so hard it was aching for his touch now.

He finished the word on my right thigh and began another word on my left.  In a moment he was done.

“It says ‘Naughty Boy’, Eric.  Because, that’s what you are, aren’t you?”

I whimpered.  “Justin …”

“Aren’t you?”

“Fuck!  Yes!” I growled.

I heard something snap and in a few moments his slippery hand wrapped around my cock, stroking me firmly.

“You’re such a mess, Eric, with lipstick all over you,” he murmured.  “You’re gonna be really messy in a minute when you squirt all over yourself, aren’t you, naughty boy?”

“Oh … fuck … yes … yes … yesssss …” and I came then, hard and long and messy and loud, and it was fucking glorious.

“Oh, yeah … there you go, baby … that’s so good,” he said softly, stroking me through my orgasm.  “You’re so fucking sexy when you come, Eric.  I’m gonna make you come so much, baby, you’re gonna sleep for a week.”

I felt him over me and when I opened my eyes, he swept two fingers through the jizz on my belly and brought them to his lips.  He kissed his fingers and licked his lips and then touched them to my own.  “Lick.”

I didn’t hesitate.  I licked my own jizz off Justin’s fingers eagerly and thoroughly.  I was so grateful for everything I’d experienced already, and so eager for what he had planned next.


The entire story is available to download free at my website.

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