Saturday, September 22, 2012

Another Exclusive Peek at Beyond the Edge (re-post)

My BDSM novel Beyond the Edge is scheduled to be released on Friday, September 21st.  For those of you anxiously waiting, here is another sneak peek into the world of Tate, Sebastian and James:


From Chapter Nine - Transport:

In the shower, Sebastian and I cleaned each other carefully, wordlessly respectful of what each of us had been through, and feeling closer than ever after our weekend together in James' loft.
Afterward, we toweled off and dressed. When I glanced at Sebastian I caught him watching me, looking sad all of a sudden.
“So, this is it, then.”
I stared at him. “What do you mean?”
“I may never see you again.”
I raised my eyebrows because, really, he was being ridiculous, but it was pretty sweet. “Sebastian, you have my email address and my phone number. Call me whenever you want. I'd love to see you outside of this place.”
His eyes completely lit up, as if he hadn't thought we could have any kind of connection in the real world. Hell, James didn't own us. He'd had us for a weekend, that's all, and now we were our own masters. Or soon would be.
“You really surprised me, y'know,” I said to him as he finished dressing.
“I did?”
“Yeah. I didn't think there was the least bit of dominance in you. But you flogged my ass like a pro yesterday. It pissed me right off at first but you had me by the end. I fucking loved it.”
I nodded. “And it's so refreshing when people surprise me. Keeps life interesting.”


Downstairs we found the coffee on and two mugs, so helped ourselves, chatting quietly until James came downstairs.
He wore a pair of faded jeans and a sweater, with bare feet. Greeting us with a friendly smile, he acted as though he hadn't just had his nasty way with us both for the entire weekend.
“It's a Hawaiian roast, and very good.” We nodded as he poured himself a cup. “Here, come into the living room, please.”
We followed him into the living room and sat down on the sofa while he sat in the armchair. “Listen, we're done here, so please speak freely. I have something I want to ask you.”
“Okay,” I said.
“Sure,” Sebastian muttered, cradling his coffee cup in his hands like he needed to warm them.
“I'm a very experienced and popular Dom here in Ottawa, as you know.” We nodded. “I really have my pick of play-partners and a lengthy waiting list for my services.”
I met Sebastian's gaze, wondering what this was all about.
“But, honestly, this weekend surpassed all of my expectations. From the moment you boys arrived on Friday it's been a pleasure, an absolute delight, to have you here.”
We both grinned and blushed at this acknowledgement.
“Thank you,” I said. “It's been wonderful. Perfect.”
“Yeah,” Sebastian echoed. “Perfect.”
James looked at me, folding his hands in front of him. “Tate, I know you have quite a bit of experience, and except for that little slip up on Friday night you have performed in an exemplary manner.”
“Thank you.”
“And Sebastian, for someone who is so very new to this sort of thing, may I just say that you have adapted to whatever I've thrown your way and given me so much enjoyment.” He smiled.
“Thanks,” Sebastian muttered, blushing.
“So, on that note, I'd like to ask you both a question. Would you be interested in coming back here in three weeks?”
Holy hell. What?
“But…the waiting list…” I stammered.
“Fuck the waiting list.”
“II guess…” I really didn't know what to say.
“I want to,” Sebastian said, placing his mug on the coffee table and regarding us both intently. “I want to come back.”
I stared at him for a moment, then turned to James. They waited for me to say something. And, really, who the fuck was I kidding?
“Of course.”


Beyond the Edge - September 21st from MLR Press

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