Tuesday, May 8, 2012

MS Walkies!!!

So, a week ago Sunday, my husband and I participated in the MS Walk in Ottawa.  My older sister and I  both have MS, so this is an important cause for my family.  

We were very lucky to have some friends join us.  In particular, my friend Karl came along, dressed as Leather Puppy Rolph.  Although his partner and handler John brought him, he handed the leash over to me, and I was in charge for the duration of the walk.  

I'd like to point out that Karl was the first person to respond when I posted about participating in the MS walk, and the first person to donate to our team, The Copaxonators (Copaxone is the medication that has helped keep me relapse-free for just over three years).

It was a blast to have him walk beside me during this important event.  I really wasn't sure what the response would be from the other walkers.  Some people were a little taken aback when they saw him.  He was wearing his pup hood, collar, leash, tail and paws - not the full leather outfit.  Most of the little kids were quite amused.  Alot of young women thought he was pretty cool.  I heard one young woman express her jealousy that I got to hold his leash.  We got asked to have our photo taken several times.

It was really alot of fun!  My husband enjoyed watching how people reacted to the unexpected sight of a human pup on a leash.  And I enjoyed getting to borrow my very own leather pup for an hour :))))))  If we do the MS Walk again next year I will be inviting Rolph along fully pupped out this time!

Very Cute Pup Rolph

~ Liz

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GBoy said...

awww so cute ;)
glad yu had fun ;)