Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Yesterday I finished formatting the first draft of 'Beyond the Edge' and sent it to my editor at MLR Press.  At 76,000+ words, it is the longest writing project I've ever completed.  I'm very proud of myself and pleased with this accomplishment.

Writing a novel is something of which I always dreamed but never thought I could achieve.  Who knew that all it would take was a chance encounter with a leather pup and the bravery to write hardcore bdsm for publication?  Also, given that my m/m bdsm freebie The Story of E continues to enjoy the highest consistent ratings of all my stories on Goodreads, I figured I should get something into publication.

While I wait for Amanda to find time to read my submission, I will be focusing on looking after the household chores a little better (Sorry, G), and writing a Father's Day short story and a sequel to The Beach House, both of which I also hope to publish with MLR Press.

It's pretty amazing that, at the age of forty-two, after getting married and starting a family, I have the opportunity to explore this side of myself and write the stories that have always been there inside me.  Stories that contain explicit sex, complex emotional entanglement, and even spiritual themes.  Stories that explore gay male sexuality and relationship in a very positive, enriching light.

Can you think of a better job?  I can't ;)

~ Liz

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TriMomF said...

sounds like a great job to me! congrats on finishing your longest novel!