Monday, March 19, 2012

Interview with NR Walker

I'd like to welcome new author NR Walker to my blog today!

As an occasional visitor to online fiction sites, I stumbled upon a story called 'Sixty-Five Hours' one day.  The story is about two men who work in an advertising agency and seem to be at cross purposes.  Their personalities are quite polarized, one is gay, the other is (supposedly) straight.  The owner of the agency forces them to work together over a long weekend on an urgent, important assignment.  Over the course of the weekend, truths emerge, souls are bared, and an unexpected romance is kindled, all amidst the awkwardness and intensity of colliding personalities and looming deadlines.

I LOVED this story.  It stood out because of the excellent writing, complex characters, humour, and realistic premise/plot.

So it does not surprise me at all that the writer of this piece has contracted her very first publication in the m/m romance field, to be released by Silver Publishing on April 28th, 2012:

I LOVE the title 'Taxes and Tardis'. Will this be your first published piece of fiction?

Yes, it’s my first. Funnily enough, it wasn’t the first thing I wrote for publication.  I had already submitted a different manuscript for consideration and had started another one, but then saw the anthology prompt for A Mind is a Beautiful Thing on Silver Publishing. I loved the geeky-guy-love plot and thought the looming deadline would be great experience, so I decided to write for it.  I wrote 25K, had it pre-read and edited in ten days.  Needless to say, I was floored when Silver Publishing said they wanted it. 

How does it feel to look at that gorgeous cover?

Oh, isn’t it beautiful?  I could stare at it for hours. I first got the email with the cover while I was at work, and literally did a weird-clappy-bouncing-dance at my desk.  It’s so gorgeous.  Because it was an anthology release, the cover was already made and posted on the site, so I was able to write that scene of the two characters reading in bed. 

What is this story about?

The blurb reads:

"Taxes and TARDIS is the story of Brent Kelly, a laid-back tradesman whose only concerns were drinks with friends and which man to bed next.   In need of a new accountant to sort out his shoebox of receipts, he’s referred to Logan Willis, a quiet spoken, science-fiction loving geek.
He didn’t expect the geeky guy with an English accent and dark-rimmed glasses, wearing a TARDIS-blue shirt to be so intriguing.
He didn’t expect to be fascinated by him, let alone attracted to him.  He most certainly didn’t expect to fall in love.

From jock to geek, both men know the differences between them are vast.   But in this opposites-attract erotic drama, maybe it wasn’t the differences between them that would drive them apart.  Maybe it was the differences between them that made it worth the fight."

The reader doesn’t have to know about Dr. Who, or science fiction for that matter.  It’s all about the journey these boys take falling in love.   The TARDIS theme runs throughout the storyline, because it started with Logan wearing a TARDIS-colored shirt.  Brent then rents out some DVD’s, and so the conversation between them begins.

It’s a sweet, short story about overcoming differences and finding the real person behind stereotypes.

What made you decide to write m/m romance for publication?

I’d written and read *slash fanfiction for almost three years, so my love for m/m was already well established.  It got to the point where I had to decide to either write for myself, or not at all, so I thought I’d give it a try.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? 

Are you surprised by the popularity of this genre at the moment?

I’m still relatively new to the whole m/m world, so I’ve really only ever seen it be popular.   I’m not surprised, per say, because it’s awesome. *winks* But I feel very strongly about this genre, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Why do you think women enjoy reading and writing m/m romance?

Well, I think there are a lot of reasons.  I’ve always said the only thing better than one hot guy falling in love and having great sex, are two hot guys.  I think the same principle applies to heterosexual men who fantasize about watching two women get it on.  Heterosexual women are no different.  The fantasy of watching two men, all hot and sweaty, getting hot and heavy is a huge turn on.

But it’s more than physical. It’s the insight to a man’s psyche, even if written by a woman.  We like to see their more vulnerable sides, we love to see them overcome emotional adversity and above all, watch them fall in love.   I think the vulnerability of the main characters is something we can relate to, but having both lead characters be male makes it more exciting.    

And most importantly, there’s something primal about visualising/watching two men get it on.  It’s hot, pure and simple. 

Are you friends with any gay men in real life?

Yes.  They’re not in my closest circle, so not best of friends, but still acquaintances.  I live in a smaller town in regional Australia, so it’s quite removed from the likes of Liberty Avenue of Queer as Folk fame. *snort*

Describe an average day in your life.

I’m a mum to an eight and nine year old, and I work school hours, every day.   So my day generally starts around seven AM, getting the kids ready for school and me ready for work.  I get home around three in the afternoon and my kids have some sport or activity most afternoons.  We generally get home around five-ish, when I try to get a handle on housework and dinner.  I usually try to fit in some family/husband time and then get some writing done somewhere in there too.  I normally crawl into bed around 1AM. 

How do you balance the responsibilities of being a mom, a wife and a writer?

Admittedly, sometimes not very well.  My kids and husband are my priority of course, but the characters in my head don’t share very well.  *snort* And I am easily distracted by “research” (aka gay porn) so sometimes when I should be writing, I’m not.  And then sometimes when I should be concentrating on family, I’m writing.  Finding that balance is something I’m working on.

Are you working on any other writing projects at the moment?

Of course.  I’ve started a m/m/m poly and am 10K into it.  Though I’ve had to stop writing it twice now, to edit my other submissions.  So I’m hoping once all works are done, I can concentrate on my poly boys. They have an awesome story to tell and I can’t wait to see how it pans out.

I’ve never done poly before so it’s quite the challenge, getting the dynamics right and there’s an awful lot of limbs and body parts to keep track of.  But it’s great, and I adore all three of these boys, for very different reasons.

I’m estimating the story will be around 50K, but that will depend on how much the three of them have to say.

I also have two other plots briefly outlined, which I’d like to see written this year.  I just need another day in the week to write all the things I want to write.


Thanks Liz, for inviting me along for a Q&A.  It’s my first official interview since becoming published, and I am very excited to have been asked. 

My blog, for news and updates, can be found at  

You can also contact NR Walker on Facebook  N.r. Walker

'Taxes and Tardis' will be available at Silver Publishing on April 28th, 2012.


Thank you, NR Walker, for agreeing to do this interview.  Super huge congrats on contracting your first story.  I very much look forward to reading it!

~ Liz 

*Slash fanfiction takes established characters from a book or movie and creates a same sex love story with them.  In the hands of a good writer, the 'established' characters become developed in ways that take them far beyond the originals.


17foreverlisa said...

Wonderful interview! I am impressed with Nic as both a writer and as a person. While I am still very much a fangirl, and always will be, I am blessed to now call her a friend.

Nic really hit her stride with Sixty-Five Hours. (Who doesn't want to own a pair of mismatched cartoon socks now?) I can't wait for her to make a splash in the world of OF.

BellaTesoro said...

Love watching Nic's rise to fame. I've been loving her stories, in all their forms for a while now. Like 17foreverlisa, Sixty-Five Hours was a favorite of mine. If you can write humor and all the while give the story heart, you can dam well write anything. Nic can write anything.
I'm still watching and await this story and those to come.
Thanks for this great interview.

Elizabeth Lister said...

I was so pleased to do this interview. I very much look forward to following Nic's progress in the world of publishing.