Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Call for Submissions!

My publisher has put out a call for submissions for Australia Day and/or Winter Holiday short stories!!!  Get writing, folks!
Australia Day:
Aussiebum Swimwear
There's more to Australia Day than hunks in swimwear...but hey, it's nice to look at
Australia Day is the Australian version of July 4, it’s when the whole of Australia drops everything and PARTIES to celebrate ALL THINGS Australia. It’s fireworks, festivals, food, beer, ferryboat races on Sydney Harbour, you name it… It’s their national day. Every city puts on the most amazing celebrations.
So here’s your chance if you’ve always wanted to write a story about Australia, help us celebrate Australia Day! Imagine the stories you can write about HOT Aussie men in iconic Aussie locations/scenarios:
- Surf Life Savers on Bondi Beach
- Jackaroo horsemen in the Outback
- Drag queens and HOT men at Sydney’s party of parties the Gay Mardi Gras
- Lovers snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef
- Romance in Melbourne, the Paris of the southern hemisphere
- Opera at the Sydney Opera House
- The mystical Ayers Rock and the Red Centre
- Love in a hot wool-shearing shed on a sizzling Queensland
- A steamy crocodile safari in Darwin
Now that you’re tantalized with the possibilities…here’s the details:
Stories should be between 5k and 40k
Any subgenre you’d like (but MUST be set in Australia around the celebration)
Due November 5, 2012
Submissions should be sent to
Christmas Stories:
Christmas Memories
Christmas Memories (2011) by Matthew Lang
H-oohhh-H-ohhh-Holiday Time! Let’s celebrate MLR style! From the sweet to the scorching,
the winter holidays have it all. Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Winter Solstice, Hanukkah,
Christmas, or New Year’s Eve – no matter the holiday if it’s in the winter months,
let’s celebrate it!
Stories should:
- Be set around a winter holiday between Thanksgiving (US) and New Year’s Eve
- Be between 5k and 40k
- Any subgenre is welcome
Deadline for submissions: August 15th, 2012
Submission should be sent to

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