Saturday, February 4, 2012

Riding Daphne...

Okay, so, nothing beats the mommy blues better than heading out on the road with just the dog in tow for her grooming appointment, singing rude lyrics at the top of my lungs.

I bought the soundtrack album to the movie 'Get Him To The Greek' a few weeks ago.  I love the movie, because I essentially have the maturity of a seventeen year-old boy most of the time.  It's crass, it's rude, it's graphic and I love it.

It follows the story of Aaron, a young record executive who is given the task of collecting Aldous Snow, former rock star, from his home in London England and bringing him to the States for a reunion concert at the Greek Theatre.  Aldous Snow, played expertly by the very talented Russell Brand, is the satire of every drug-addled, sex obsessed, narcissistic, misogynist rock god that has ever lived on this planet.  The great thing about this movie, besides the wonderful acting and the inspired script, is the amazing soundtrack.  Yes, all the songs are satires of what an actual drug-addled, sex-obsessed etc. (see above) rock star would actually write and sing.  However they are extremely clever satires.  And delivered in Brand's gorgeous sexy voice, they could be confused by someone not aware of the subtext as actual, twenty-first century, rock songs.

Get Him to the Greek Soundtrack

Now, the only time I can actually listen intently to song lyrics for a good amount of time is when I'm alone (or with the dog) in the car, since at home I am constantly surrounded by noisy, inquisitive and needy children or a noisy inquisitive and needy husband, lol.  This album isn't appropriate to play when the kids are around anyway, so this is the first time I have listened to the entire thing with full concentration.

I already had some favourite songs, like 'Furry Walls' and 'Bangers and Mash' that I knew some of the lyrics to.  But there was a song that came up called 'Riding Daphne' that I hadn't really listened to before, that may contain the most hilarious, tongue in cheek (or somewhere else) lyrics I have ever heard.

Let me just say that the dog must have thought I was having a coronary from the choking noises of hilarity that I was uttering as the song played out.  I'll just give some backstory here.  Daphne is Aaron's fairly conservative and ordinary girlfriend who is an overworked intern and ends up telling Aaron they need to 'take a break' before he goes off to London.  She regrets her decision and calls Aaron only to overhear on his phone the crass words of Aldous telling Aaron to pick which girl he wants to fuck at the party.  Of course, Daphne is furious, but she loves Aaron.  When Aaron arrives back home with the infamous and crassly sexy Aldous Snow, Daphne insists on experiencing her own freedom, inviting both Aaron and Aldous into bed for a crazy threesome.  When she and Aaron wake the following day after 18 hours of much needed sleep, they decide to burn the sheets and forget their uncharacteristic tryst with the rock god.  However, the event stays with Aldous as he subsequently pens the ode 'Riding Daphne' about his experience.

Here is a sample:

"With her lab coat and her stethoscope, she came so hard she couldn't cope, my Daphne.
She took my manhood down her throat, she knows the Heimlich, she won't choke, not Daphne.
She dropped her drawers and sat on me while watching Grey's Anatomy and
Checked my prostate gland for free, did Daphne..."

And there is also the classic 'Ring Around the Rosy', sung by the actress who plays Aldous' slutty ex-girlfriend and singer, Jacquie-Q.  A cheeky song about anal sex, delivered with spot-on satirical sincerity, it gets me every time:

"One, two, three, four, who's that comin' in my back door?
Five, six, seven, eight, aaaaah, feels great..."

So, yes, rude, crass and in-ellegant, these songs are raised from mediocrity and ridiculousness by the talent of the lyricists, musicians and singers.  They tickle me in secret places and make me smile like crazy.

~ Elizabeth

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