Friday, January 20, 2012

Sammy2006's Review of The Crush!

I sent Sammy a copy of The Crush at her request, with the caveat that it is an entirely different animal than Exposure; that I had wanted to do something different and fun and a little bit naughty.  Some people who did not enjoy The Crush called my main character, Jack, 'crude and doesn't act like a grown man', whereas others loved his forthrightness and childlike qualities.  Yes, he is crude and sometimes rude.  But he is also a smart young fellow who is dealing, like alot of gay men, with the wounds of a misunderstood adolescence.  I love Sammy2006's review of The Crush.  She takes it for what it is and doesn't criticize it for what it might not be.

This review contains spoilers.

How many times have you been out with a friend or a sibling and looked cross the table at their date...realized how HOT that date much you wished that person was YOUR date...then suddenly you catch their eye and something sparks. Oh my god what do you do? You look again...Yes...there it is...the "knowing" in that look...the "heat" in that stare...the growing knowledge that you are intensely, immediately, undeniably in lust with your sister's date...her secret crush...your worst nightmare. How do you hide that you want to jump across that table, grab that person by the hand and run away with them? How do you face your sister when you actually do...when you steal her date?

Elizabeth Lister's novel, The Crush, carries us right there. Amy asks her brother Jack to go along on her first "date" with Michael, one of Amy's professors. Of course Michael is unaware that Amy harbors a secret crush on him. And Amy is unaware that Michael is gay...but Jack quickly realizes both that fact and that he is undeniably attracted to Michael, the object of Amy's desires...her crush.

As this little story unfolds we watch with growing fascination, this triangle of sorts. We feel the heat of Jack and Michael's infatuation with one another. We laugh as Jack fumbles to discover through the use of self-help books whether one really can fall in love "at first sight". We watch with just a bit of horror and dismay as Jack tries to hold Michael at arms length...never allowing him to get too close for fear of getting rejected again. We discover, along with Amy, the deep woundedness that Jack has carried for years as he as watched his sister easily move from one relationship to another while he has remained alone. And slowly but surely we fall in love with these two men...these two lovely, lusty, hot men who cannot keep their hands off one another and cannot prevent their growing love for one another from pouring out for everyone to see. Including Amy...who still harbors a secret crush.

Be forewarned this little book is addictive...I read it in one sitting and was mesmerized, once again, by Lister's deft handling of common themes. She delves into light BDSM with this book--but don't let that scare you is sweet and consensual and well...HOT! Yes, this nice little romance is one hot moment after another with a story that draws you in to it's grasp and wraps itself around your heart.

~ Sammy2006, Goodreads Member, January 20th, 2012.

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