Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lovely Review of Exposure!

The other day I was lucky enough to wake up to a wonderful new review of my first ever published story, Exposure, on Goodreads.  I wanted to share it as it is extremely in depth and well-written.  I told Sammy2006 (her Goodreads ID) that her review made me feel like I'd accomplished everything I'd set out to accomplish with this story, which is such a great feeling for an author.

The following review contains spoilers.

~ It takes a delicate hand to create a character that is not only vibrant, interesting and sexy but chronically ill and coping with that disease as well. Meet Jeremy, one of the main characters in Elizabeth Lister's stunning novel, Exposure. Jeremy, a hot young working guy, takes a dare from his buddies to be photographed for the purpose of building a portfolio to be used to embark on a modeling career. Here is no simpering, vain young beauty; rather we grow to love this brilliantly courageous young man who has determined that he will live each moment of his life to the fullest. After all, when one is faced with the prospect of paralysis and loss of mental acuity that is symptomatic of advanced Multiple Sclerosis, one has a choice: either throw in the towel and bow to the disease or live as if there is no tomorrow. Thankfully for Martin, Jeremy does just that...embraces life. Martin, a photographer who is at best, adrift in both his career and personal life, is not only captivated by Jeremy when he presents himself to be photographed; but finds himself drawn from his safe and lonely existence toward the energy and vitality that is Jeremy. The two form a bond that goes well beyond Client and photographer and deepens into lasting and most satisfying love. 

While this novel does not dwell on MS, the disease and it's eventual life altering side effects, neither does it shy away from exposing what a relationship looks like when it is confronted with a life threatening disease. The compassion and care with which Elizabeth Lister treats her subject matter, the incredibly sweet and tender love she creates in her multi-layered characters, and the overriding sense of hope for a future together living without fear is done with a deft and capable hand. I highly recommend this novel. This will be the first of many novels I hope to ready by this gifted author. ~

~ Posted by Sammy2006, Goodreads Member, January 18th, 2012.

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