Friday, January 27, 2012

2/3rds Through...

So, I am currently just over 2/3rds of the way through my current wip, Beyond the Edge, at 47,717k words.  I structured my novel in three parts, mostly because there is a template for this in Scrivener, the software that I use, and it seemed like the best way to do it.  I'm not sure yet if I will delineate the parts in the finished novel.  It was more of a tool for me to have a defined beginning, middle and end to my story.  As often happens during the writing of a piece of fiction, things changed along the way and some of the things I had planned to have occur, didn't unfold and other interesting things did.  That's what I love about writing.  It's kind of like life.  You plan it to the best of your ability, dive in, move forward, and if things change along the way or don't go according to the master plan, you restructure and reframe.  The nice thing about a novel (as opposed to life) is that you can eventually go back to the beginning and revise it, so that it looks like it all followed a master plan.

Speaking about the 'master plan', for anyone who doesn't know, this novel of mine is about domination and submission, falling in love, opening your mind and heart to new experiences, appreciating things about a person you may never have imagined, and the complexities of attractions that arise when three good looking and intelligent men engage in intimate acts with one another, ostensibly on a purely physical basis. It's been really enjoyable to delve into the psyches of men who play with each other in this way.  I know several men in real life who do so and they are some of the sweetest, kindest people I have had the pleasure of engaging in conversation (very interesting conversation, I can tell you).

What this story addresses is what happens when there are three of them, and certain feelings arise in the midst of this 'play'.  What happens, for instance, when two of the men develop feelings for each other.  Does this affect their relationship with the other man, their Dom?  How can it not?  And what if this Dom has secret feelings for one of them?  How does this affect the 'play' in which they engage?  I'm trying to work that out right now, as I begin Part Three of my novel.  It's rather difficult but I have no doubt I'll be able to figure it out.  For me, it's not just writing about hot sex between men, it's about exploring the changing dynamics of relationship, and how that affects the physical aspect.

I am so excited about this story and can hardly wait to be finished the rough draft, so that I can go back and revise; add scenes, strengthen sentence structure, delete extraneous paragraphs and make this into a book I can be proud of.

~ Elizabeth


kyreadinggirl said...

This sounds like another great book! You just sent me Exposure (I believe) to try out and I should be able to start reading and then submit my review within the next two weeks. I love reading about the themes and characters that you write, so I cannot want to jump right in!

I recently won some contests, so I would like to thank the authors by reading and reviewing their books as well (if I feel my comments will help them). I have been trying to balance my reading and reviewing with my family's health this month. January hit us all hard, but we are doing better.

I wish you health and success in the New Year!


Elizabeth Lister said...

Thanks, Ann! I'm looking forward to your review of Exposure ;)