Monday, December 12, 2011

Serving Mr. Lucas

So I've started working on a full length BDSM novel that was inspired by a couple of men that I encountered at Pride this year.  You may remember my interview with Karl, who was fully decked out as an adorable 'leather' pup at the parade.  I befriended him through email, interviewed him and then arranged to meet him for dessert at a local restaurant since I like to make face-to-face contact if possible.

We had a lovely time.  He told me about his relationship with John, his partner and 'handler' and I asked him how they got together.  When he told me that they were both going to sub for the same Dom and John had a policy of meeting people before he 'played' with them, I knew I had the basis for my story and my imagination took over.

As a writer of gay erotic romance, this was the perfect inspiration for the BDSM romance that I've been wanting to write for awhile.

Here is a little summary with photos that have inspired me with the creation of my characters:

Mr. James Lucas, the most respected and sought after Dom in Ottawa, has a lengthy waiting list for his 'training' weekends.

Tate Mackenzie has finally made it to the top of Mr. Lucas' waiting list but is surprised when he receives a message that there will be another 'sub' in training on the same weekend.

It turns out that Mr. Lucas encountered the delectable and relatively inexperienced Sebastian Doucette acting as the subject in a rope tying demo at a bdsm event.  He was so taken with the young man, he invited him to 'train' along with Tate.

Tate insists on meeting Sebastian before the weekend and finds himself also drawn in by Sebastian's boyish looks, genuine warmth and charming innocence.

During their 'training' with Mr. Lucas, Sebastian finds himself the object of more than just lust and is torn between two men who can't help falling in love with him.  Will he be forced to choose between a masterful Dom that has shown him pleasure like nothing he has experienced before, and an ordinary man with sub leanings and a romantic heart?  Or will one man make the difficult decision to let go before Sebastian comes apart under the strain of two clashing egos and desires?

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