Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Busy Year!!!

Well, as 2011 draws to a close, I can't help but emit a satisfied sigh.  I was looking at my Goodreads Author Profile yesterday (I hadn't even heard of Goodreads last year), and could hardly believe all of the books listed there.  Granted, a few of them are free reads, but it is still my writing, my hard work, out there for everyone to read and hopefully enjoy.  I have four actual published works out, as of now.  I am filled with a great sense of achievement and accomplishment.  I feel like part of my life has just begun and I look forward to producing many more books through my forties and fifties.

I have learned so much this year.  I have learned how to take a piece of writing and go through it for repetitive language and phrasing, fine tuning and working on sentence structure and verb tense to improve it.  I have even done some copy editing for a friend of mine, now that I feel confident in my abilities.  I have learned a bit about the publishing business.  I have learned alot about internet social applications and how they can feature in promotion and creating a public name for myself.  I have learned how lucky I am to have a husband who supports me completely in this enterprise, even though the subject matter of my stories is not particularly to his taste.  He is so proud of me and I love him so much.

I have high hopes for the coming year as well.  I am planning on completing a full length novel (at least 65,000 words) that will be published in paperback.  I cannot wait to actually hold a book launch party for my friends where I can actually sell hard copies of my writing, and even sign their books!  Of course, typically, it is going to be my most hard core erotic story to date, a m/m bdsm romance.  However, when I looked at my Goodreads ratings yesterday, it seems that my highest rated story is my free bdsm romance, The Story of E.  So maybe it is meant to be :)  I really do enjoy combining serious domination/submission play with romance and strong attachment.

Xavier Axelson, my friend and fellow writer, will be interviewing me in his column at the LA Examiner on Wednesday, January 4th!  I'm so excited.  He asked me the most interesting and revealing questions :)

I have had a really nice break over the holidays, from my blog, my novel, Facebook etc.  I am reading an actual hardcover book (The Collected Stories of Carol Shields), perusing my decorating magazines, cuddling with my children, and otherwise slowing down and appreciating all the things I have to be grateful for.

My daughter, unfortunately, was quite sick at Christmas with Strep Throat, and after recovering from that, was hit with another virus (fever, cough).  She is finally back to herself today.  Even though it made the holidays a bit stressful and not so enjoyable, I am grateful that it was not anything more serious.  It looks like we will all be entering the New Year in relatively good health and spirits, and that is truly a blessing to be cherished.

Happy New Year everyone!


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Kerry said...

Happy New Year Elizabeth! Wow, you did have a busy year. You accomplished so much and I look forward to what you will do in 2012, especially the M/M BDSM novel!! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait...