Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thank You

Thank you all for the support on my post earlier this week.  It is nice to be able to write down my fears and insecurities and share them when I am really feeling them.

Feeling better now.  My novel-in-progress, Three Kings, is coming along nicely.  I am getting really excited about it.  I had originally hoped to finish it by Christmas.  I know that isn't going to happen.  My new target is to finish the rough draft by end of February and to submit a first draft to MLR Press by end of March.  If I get it done earlier, then great.  I am about to send the synopsis and the first two chapters in their very rough form to my friend Terry Cyr, who is going to try to create an image for the eventual cover.

Terry and his image editor (and sometime model), Thor Pace, are gearing up for the launch of the new website on Friday afternoon.  I will be linking to it on this blog when it goes live.  So very exciting.  They have done an amazing job and there are such beautiful images to be seen and, if you like, purchased.  Terry's work is unparalleled in its raw emotion and romantic beauty.  He uses light to expose the naked male form in all its classic glory and natural splendor.  I highly recommend visiting his new site this weekend and touring around.  (Yours truly wrote the descriptions for the different Style Galleries :)  I'm quite proud of them.)

And I'm beginning to conceptualize the project that I will undertake once Three Kings is finished.  It will be a hardcore BDSM m/m romance.  I'm currently doing lots of, ahem, research for that one :) including attending some educational seminars at the Technokink event here in Ottawa on the 12th, and speaking to people who are currently living this lifestyle.  It is completely fascinating and I am looking forward to translating all of this research into a very steamy manuscript.


Kerry said...

I am so excited to read about your next project...a hardcore BDSM romance! I can't wait! I absolutely loved your book The Story of E, so I am eagerly anticipating this future novel. I envy you your research. :)

Elizabeth Lister said...

Yes, I'm pretty excited about it too :) And very much enjoying the research.