Monday, November 14, 2011

Sweet Memories ...

I was going through some photos last week and came across some special pictures that brought a smile to my face and made me remember being twenty-one, horny, and desperate to get into the pants of a hot fellow student named Phil.  I thought his name was kind of nerdy, but he dressed like a punk, had blond messy hair, blue eyes and exhibited intelligence and humor.  He was in my English lit class and also my Psychology of Religion class.  So we shared some interests.

We struck up a friendship.  I remember going out for coffee just a couple of days after he had his wisdom teeth taken out.  He still looked hot, even with a slightly swollen jaw.  He said he was fine but made the mistake of ordering nachos.  By the end of the meal his mouth was hurting him.  Poor baby.  We had a great talk.  That was when (and I still remember this) he confessed that he had a fantasy of being with an older woman who knew what she was doing in bed.  At the time I felt disappointed, because I was a virgin and did not have much experience at all, besides some french kissing and groping that I did in high school. But now, of course, as a 42 year old woman, I think fondly of his (and no doubt, alot of young men's) fantasies of being with an older, experienced woman ;)

We joked a lot and I asked him if he'd pose for some pictures as I was developing an interest in photography and he was really good looking.  He agreed.  He was considering doing some modelling and could use some portfolio pictures.  I also hinted that, if he was interested, we could arrange for some alone time at my brother's downtown apartment one evening that week.  He said he was totally into that, with a cute little grin.

So I arranged for some time at my parents' house, where I was then living, to do our photoshoot.  He arrived on time, in his standard outfit of black jeans, black shirt, Docs, suspenders and leather jacket.  Yum.  I was nervous, especially since this photoshoot was more or less a pretense to be able to stare at him without reserve for an hour or more and have some pictures of him at hand whenever I wanted to look at him again.  I mean, I wasn't a bad photographer, and I did want to see what I could get with soft light and a willing subject.  But, really, it was all about sex.  He didn't seem to mind.

We had a fun photoshoot, as you can imagine.  I got him into some sexy poses.  I ended up with some really nice pictures of him.  As I looked at them last week, I was reminded of Terry Cyr's images and the similarities, although my subject was clothed, were obvious.  No wonder I am so fond of his work...

Later, at my older brother's apartment (that he kindly lent me for a few hours while he and his girlfriend went out), Phil and I shared a beautiful and innocent early sexual experience together.  We were both really nervous at first but I remember finally getting up the nerve to kiss him.  After that, things moved along quite swimmingly :)  His was the very first erect penis I ever saw, in the flesh.  And it was a beautiful one.  I was absolutely entranced with it.  I couldn't stop touching it.  His whole body was beautiful and I explored every inch of it.  He was twenty-one don't forget and pretty damn turned on.  I loved his reactions to me.  I remember he liked the black underwear and bra that I wore.  He touched and explored my body too, but I remember the most fun for me was touching him.  I liked being in control ;)  And the physical feelings were so overwhelming that I was more comfortable making him lose control.  He taught me what to do with my hand to make him come.  I was an excited and eager student.  It didn't take too long, of course.  When he did come, and I watched his cock spurting in my hand, it was a wonderful feeling and a beautiful thing to watch him lose himself in the pleasure of it.

The entire experience was just incredible.  We laughed at our awkwardness and nervousness and just had a great time getting to know each other in that physical way.  It never progressed to intercourse.  I wasn't quite ready for that yet and so terrified of accidentally getting pregnant.  And he was terrified of getting me pregnant.  I'm glad in retrospect, since when I did eventually lose my virginity, the experience was extremely painful and not enjoyable at all (even though I was with someone I cared deeply for at the time), except for the sense of maturity and accomplishment that followed.

I don't know where you are now, Phil, or what you've done with your life, but I want to thank you for giving me that introduction to male pleasure and for letting me have those photos to look back on forever.

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