Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Relief and Joy

So, yesterday started off a little hectic.  My seven-year-old was not happy to be woken up at 7:00 for school.  Usually, she is up between 6:00-6:45 on her own.  My son is always up by 6:30.  Anyway, she was very grumpy and dragged her feet having breakfast and getting dressed.  My husband was working from home as he had to watch my son and let me have the car to go to an appointment with my neurologist.

I finally got her motivated to get ready for school.  After I walked her to the schoolyard, I came home and grabbed the stupid excuse for a Christmas Tree I had purchased at Walmart on Saturday.  I had brought it home only to discover the box that should have contained three pieces of a non pre-lit tree with stand, contained only two pieces of a pre-lit tree without a stand.  A total fuck up by Walmart that almost sent me into cardiac arrest I was so enraged.  Luckily, my husband had time between preparing dishes for our dinner party that evening to run out and grab a much better tree at Home Depot, so I could rest before putting it together, fluffing it up and putting the lights on it that afternoon.

Anyway, I took it back yesterday and I was very calm and polite while I explained the situation.  I made sure to mention that I have Multiple Sclerosis and get fatigued very easily and suggested she write a note on the return that staff should ensure that the right thing is in a box if it is on the shelf.  Don't know if it will do any good.  The lady at customer service was very apologetic and I'm sure she was appreciative of the fact that I wasn't yelling at her.

I left a bit early for my appointment at 11:30 with my neurologist, which was a good thing since I had to drive around the parking lot for ten minutes before finding a parking spot.  When I got to the MS Clinic on the sixth floor, I was a bit nervous to see the waiting room absolutely packed with patients.  I signed in and then settled into a chair with my Kobo ereader, prepared to be waiting at least an hour if not longer.  To my surprise my name was called after about ten or fifteen minutes.

My doctor is very matter-of-fact and within moments we were both looking at my MRI brain scan on his computer.  He pulled up the scan from 2008 to compare them side by side.  I tried to follow his cursor as he pointed out fuzzy white spots that were the lesions in my brain.  It soon became apparent that he was noticing improvements in the lesions in the most recent scan, and some had even disappeared.  He seemed very upbeat as he looked the scan over, and he didn't seem to be picking up anything new.  He then checked the radiologist's report and sure enough it said "...overall improvement and no new lesions."  I was so happy to read that.  It was exactly what I had hoped for.  I had no illusions that there would be no lesions at all, but the fact that the lesions were less obvious on the recent scan and there were no new lesions.  Well, that was just awesome.

He then sent me downstairs to give some blood as they were gathering some info on MS patients for some research.  Something to do with whether there are some particular antibodies that seem to affect the safety of one of the newer drugs.  I was happy to volunteer since it would only take a few minutes and then I could head home.  While I was having the blood drawn, my doctor came down and told his wife that I was a writer of erotica and that he had given me her email address to send her some info on the books I had written.  His wife came out and we got talking and she sounded intrigued by the idea of trying out a m/m romance for a change.  She and the other ladies were quite fascinated by my publishing ventures and surprised when I told them that straight women were driving the market in this genre at the moment.

Anyway, when I got home there was no-one there.  My husband had taken my son to kindergarten and was volunteering there for 'Scientists in the School' day, so I couldn't call him with my news.  I called my parents but they weren't home.  I decided to post a status update on Facebook since I couldn't bear to keep quiet.  I was so thrilled with my results.  As of right now, I have about 25 'likes' on my status, more than I've ever had before.

When my husband brought the kids home from school they were all very happy to hear that my brain looked really good.  I finally got a hold of my mom and she was very relieved also.  I imagine she will be conveying that info in her Christmas cards this year.  It is truly a wonderful early Christmas gift for me and my entire family.

I will continue taking my medication and getting the rest I need when I need it, and hope for another three years during which my lesions either remain stable or improve.  Obviously, writing m/m erotic romance is having a positive effect so far ;)


Sara York said...

Glad that you are showing improvement! I think it's the M/M thing too! Keep writing hot man on man books

Fernando farfan. said...

So happy for you and your family, :-)

BLMorticia said...

Thats great news Elizabeth! I hope things continue to get better!


Terry J Cyr Photography said...

My dear I am excited this morning to read such joyous news. This sounds fantastic. I always believe if we have a positive attitude and set goals beyond ourselves that the body does balance itself even in severe illness. You are the most wonderious woman I know who has so much going for herself. My heart is filled with joy at your news.

Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes said...

I am so happy for you Elizabeth....*S*
I so believe in positive energetic light that burns in all of us makes a big difference in our health. being a retired caregiver for a number of years I've seen it and know it is a reality.
Sending you love, light and some good old fashion wolf energy your way...*S* Wishing you you all the best...*S*


chrysalis1975 said...

what wonderful news, Ms. Elizabeth :)

HUGS HUGS HUGS and Bright Blessings!! A remission AND a great m/m romance book? Priceless :)


Elizabeth Lister said...

Thank you all so much! My life is very blessed and I plan on making the most of it for years to come.