Monday, November 7, 2011

Good Friends and Important Messages

My friends, Morgan and Richard, came over last night for dinner.  My husband, excited to use our brand new stove to cook for our guests, made French onion soup, pumpkin ravioli and dinner rolls, all from scratch (except for using won ton wrappers to make the ravioli).  Sooooo delicious.

My two kids were so excited to see Morgan and Richard.  I have made a point to tell them that these two men live together and love each other in the same way that their father and I do.  I think they recognize the love these two men share and appreciate their warmth, humor and kindness.  Of course, the two men had to do their duty in reading bedtime stories and playing games before the kids went to sleep and we could eat our dinner.  But they did so, as usual, with enthusiasm and without complaint.  I am so glad that my son and daughter will know from such a young age that the gender of the person you love doesn't matter - it's the love that's important, and the respect and kindness with which you treat your partner.

Thank you, Morgan and Richard, for demonstrating this very important lesson, once again :)

Morgan, me, and Richard at Capital Pride 2011

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Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes said...

Great post and picture! When my children were younger we explained the same to them. I am very proud of our kids as they speak out and support the gay community along side us.
Thanks for the great post!