Friday, September 23, 2011

How Much is Too Much?

I'm talking about sex, in an erotic romance novel.

I recently had someone on Goodreads criticize EXPOSURE for containing too many sex scenes.  There are alot of sex scenes in this book.  Because the story is about two men who have an initial powerful attraction and follow it through several encounters as they become closer and overcome challenges.  The reason I write in this genre is so that I can write about sex in all its variety in a graphic and titillating way.  Of course, I also want to portray my characters as realistically as I can.

I just completed content edits of The Crush, and there is just as much sex in this novella as in EXPOSURE.

I love the quote that MLR Press owner, Laura Baumbach, has on our Authors/Editors Yahoo Group:  "Erotica - literature intended to arouse."

Yep.  There it is.  Now, that's not to say that too much sex in a story might leave some readers unsatisfied.  I do want my stories to be based in realism.  But, when relationships begin, there usually is a fair bit of sex involved, where two people become closer and closer in a physical way at the same time revealing other, more important, parts of their personality during non-sexual moments.

I am really fascinated by the sexual dynamic.  That is, by the way getting naked and physically intimate exposes the real person in most situations.  Now, sure, sex can be a merely physical connection between two people.  But when two (or more) people connect emotionally and physically in an intimate situation, it enhances the responses and pleasure of the people involved.

Look, the fact is, I'm apparently very good at writing sex scenes.  I really enjoy it and I believe that the way two people relate in bed is very indicative of the strength of their overall relationship.  So, when you pick up one of my books, know that it will be heavy on the sex.  Hopefully, I've infused these scenes with enough emotional impact and revelation to keep them interesting and to keep the overall relationship between the characters moving forward.

I guess maybe it's a holdover from when I was younger and would skip the boring bits in a novel to get to the sex scenes.  That's what I wanted to read, and that's what I like to write :)

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