Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sexy Poems

Here are a few of the sexier poems from my youth:


A man
That is what he is
when he is inside me
deep reaching and hot hard
sticky sweet and breathing me
with kisses.

Down there
he pushes through all
the walls to the quivering
quick of me laying me bare and
searching out my

Even before
standing silent wanting
risen and rough ready for it
he is a man like
nothing else.

My body
knows him and opens
of its own will taking him
softly inside and out slowly up and
down and around


I’m going to do something
sooner or later
to appease this need this
ever-present hunger that rises in me like
a banshee on hot humid nights and
leaves me whirling with
wet wishes and burning blood.

Nothing in these moments but
sensation animal nature the
myth of coherent thought in a
corner of my brain body
rules now needing something everything
I know where to find it and
I will.


Gravity is
nothing compated to your
force over me lust is
a stronger law you’ve slid into my
brain and
now you sit there
driving me mad you’ve taken up residence
and are redecorating
pictures of you everywhere and
big couches
fur rugs and fireplaces
I can’t put them out can’t dampen them for
they’re burning me bonkers
for you singeing my
solitude and you just sit



Kellie Kamryn said...

these are excellent! I enjoyed them very much.

Elizabeth Lister said...

Thank you, Kellie.