Saturday, August 13, 2011


My very good friends, Morgan and Richard, are in Montreal this weekend to be a part of the Gay Pride celebrations.  Morgan emailed me from the train yesterday to tell me they were reading some of my stories to kickstart their fun weekend.

The romantic and intense relationship between these men is part of what prompted me to write and publish m/m erotic romances.  Morgan and Richard have shown such bravery and commitment to each other and such acceptance of, and pride for, their sexual orientation, that it inspired me to help demonstrate to people that gay relationships should be respected and celebrated.

I wasn't sure how people would react when I told them that I write m/m erotic romance.  It took some courage to forgo a pen name and use my actual middle and last name on my books.  But, because these men have been so courageous on their journey, I felt I couldn't hide behind a pseudonym.  I'm so very proud of them and I'm proud to write about relationships between gay men and all the sexual and emotional intensity that involves.

Have a wonderful weekend, boys.  Hold that flag high and share a heartfelt kiss in the middle of the street.  I hope you realize how lucky I feel to have you both in my life.


Terry J Cyr Photography said...

Good to see you have a blog up and running now. Nice work.

Elizabeth Lister said...

Thanks Terry! There's just so much I want to say ... :)