Saturday, August 20, 2011


I recently found some poems that I wrote ages ago.  These two are not erotic but I do have some sexy ones I'll post tomorrow.

The Climb

Climbing over the dusty
raw earth higher
higher now
he pants his beggar breaths
one after the other as,
scrabbling at the brown earth
he pulls himself onward.

“He’ll never do it,” the children mutter
holding hands to foreheads to
block the beating sun.

Breaths heaving now, heaving
his frail boy’s body, faster
now, faster, climb to the very
top, show them
It can be done and will
be done!

He gains the summit and stretches
his body up, shaking and
trembling, and gazes down at
them, grinning.

How small they all seem

And how tired he is.

The Fall

I’ve hurt you
I know I have with my big
words and cold accusations but you must
I gave you everything I took the
biggest risk within my power I jumped and at
the last minute you took a sudden
step back and I crashed in a million

You tried to
patch me up with feeble
suggestions and blind offerings but
the damage was done and I have the scars
to prove it.

So if I hurt you please
forgive me I’m stronger than
anyone knew and climbing back up out
of it all I pulled you down and left
you in the dust …

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